Why use Tick-Clocks:

We go to great efforts to ensure that your finished clock will meet your expectations. This means that we quite often have to enhance the quality of the image supplied, or clone areas of the existing photo to ensure that a suitable background is achieved.

We will also remove unwanted areas of the photo if required (only if possible).

Many companies have an automated process, and your photo is simply reproduced onto a clockface without the important human touch of a graphic designer.

Example of photo which lacks enough background:


A great photo, but not
enough background.


Other areas of the photo
are cloned.



The photo is feathered and cropped
ready for inclusion on the dial.


The dial is graphically added and
ready for printing onto a clockface.

You get a personal service with Tick-Clocks and not a machine. If we are uncertain that the result is not what you require, we will email you a draft for approval. This service is included in the price. Just tell us what you want?

Join the hundreds of satisfied customers who have used Tick-Clocks, you will not be disappointed.